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Join the Shire of Noiregarde in celebrating a Snow Day!

January 12, 2019

Handley Recreation Center

845 Miners Ave., Lead, SD 57754

Event Stewards: Baroness Jaquemine de Lille & Milady Ora Gray

The annual Silent Auction raises money to fund our A&S and Chatelaine funds and cover the cost of  the shire's storage unit. This year we focus on our storage unit. Please consider donating items to be auctioned (not limited solely to period items) as well as planning to bid on our donations.

Please contact our Event Steward Jaquemine de Lille for more information. 
Each year Noiregarde and our friends participate in a gift exchange.

While this year's participation has been set for adults, we also endeavor to provide each child in attendance with something special. If you are planning to attend with a child, please contact Exchange Coordinator Viridis Quevli with the child's gender, age, and any particular requests.

No merchant fee and a sales tax form will be provided to you.

Please contact our Event Steward Jaquemine de Lille to reserve space.

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